Oakmont Elementary School

IMG_0852.jpgIMG_0855.jpgIn the late 1930's Grizzard's Crossroads became know as New Deal. It is said that Risdon Hunter jokingly suggested the new name as a result of President Roosevelt New Deal. The new name stuck.IMG_0860.jpg

As in most rural communities, life in New Deal centered around it's school. In this case schools-Oakland and Fairmont. Oakland was opened in 1925 and was located near the crossroads. Fairmont was located on Highway 25. Land for Fairmont was purchased in 1916. Both schools served hot lunches, usually consisting of soup. Students could pay for their lunches by bringing a jar of food from home or pay 104 a day. A barn was located on the school grounds for sheltering the horses students rode to school.

In the early 1950's the decision was made to consolidate the two schools. Mayme Link is credited with having named the new school Oakmont after it's predecessors. Oakmont opened in March 1953. The first faculty consisted of Mr. Clyde Ribes, principal, Mrs. Mabel Law, Mrs. Alma Jackson, Mrs. Vera Clark, and Mr. Frank Dunham as teachers.

For many years Oakmont served students in grades one through eight. In 1973 Oakmont became a K-6 school. Portable classrooms were added and in 1974 an observation booth was built for the kindergarten room. In 1984, the observation booth was converted into a computer room for all students.


The Mabel Law Cabin, located on the school grounds. has a unique history all it's own. The cabin was built by the fifth and sixth grade classes in 1975. Under the direction of principal Robert Neal, logs from an old smokehouse, donated by Junior Suttle, were dismantled and reconstructed using only traditional tools. The mantle was made from ceiling joist from the childhood home of Rachel Donelson Jackson. All of the rocks in the foundation and the large stone in the back of the fireplace IMG_0850.jpg
came from an old iron furnace operated by James Robertson and Montgomery Bell in the early 1800's. The stone in the center of the fireplace came from the first Sumner County Courthouse.

Oakmont has always been blessed with a dedicated faculty and concerned, hard-working parents. With such an unbeatable team it is no wonder Oakmont continues as the center of New Deal community life.


Bill Brinkley's school bus. J.C. Rogers is carrying older brother Charles 

 Cora Lee and Carlos Hunter's New Deal grocery in the mid 90's. The Dairy Dip and Poole's Alignment are presently located on the property.


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